Now anyone can offer contactless payments in easy-to-deploy apps.

MeaPay is a powerful SoftPos SDK that transforms off-the-shelf phones and tablets into a contactless payment point of sale. The days of being bound to traditional payment hardware are numbered, as merchants demand freedom and flexibility in their payment solutions.

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Embed our SDK in your app

The MeaPay SDK takes care of all the security certifications and functional approved acceptance flow from the payment solutions, enabling the tap to pay experiences in apps – for both physical cards and digital wallets.

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Build your own SoftPos app

Use our SDK and build your experience or use our white label offering. MeaPay is built to enable easy and fast deployments of a SoftPos app. MeaPay will integrate with your acquiring capabilities and give you the tools you need to customize the experience you want to provide to your merchants.

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MeaPay can also be integrated in your existing app

MeaPay can be embedded in your existing solution, easily enabling the contactless payment acceptance experience for your customers, in anything from accounting software for small businesses, to transportation services, or even a menu app. Simply bring our SDK into your application to enable device-agnostic, contactless payments in your current customer offering.

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More flexibility without sacrificing security

MeaPay offers the same level of security and consumer protection as a physical payment terminal. We are working actively with the industry forums, payment providers, and certification labs to implement the latest security standards for “tap-to-pay” and “pin on glass” functionality.