Riga / Latvia

Java architect

MeaPay is an IT company developing solutions for mobile contactless payments such as Apple Pay / Google Pay and other “Pays” for banks, issuers, based on the latest standards from international payment schemes such as VISA/Mastercard/Amex.


  • Use leadership and communication skills to assign and follow-up on work through a GitFlow and JIRA driven release process
  • Read and write code, communicate challenges, and delegate responsibilities to the technical team
  • Maintain a pragmatic focus on technical problems, systems design, and engineering issues in the context of completing the project on time and on budget
  • Provide designs and solutions that allow the project teams to deliver software on time and to agreed functional and non-functional specification.
  • Provide technical leadership to make sure that the designs are implemented using appropriate tools and techniques
  • Lean and expand domain knowledge and act as an expert with specifications and developer communications.
  • Write software using Java
  • Effectively leveraging features of the Spring Boot ecosystem to create software
  • Sound knowledge of Git
  • Design and maintain the topology of applications and services; define, design, own, and guard our APIs
  • Track record of delivering success projects using APIs and Services communicating over a range of interfaces.

Required skills and competencies

  • Very strong on Enterprise Integration and Enterprise Content Management (FileNet) background
  • Should be able to formulate the architecture for the project and direct the team.
  • Lead a team and engagement providing technical leadership
  • Deep understanding of Java Design patterns, Anti-Patterns, Best Practices, and concepts on API Gateways, Service registry and discovery, Centralized Configuration, Centralized Logging, Message Tracing.
  • Strong understanding of TDD, BDD and automated unit, integration and acceptance testing
  • Excellent knowledge on CI/CD process , pipelines and Agile Engineering Practices
  • Excellent Knowledge on DevOps, Monitoring, Eventual Consistency and Event Sourcing
  • Good Working experience with Spring and EJB
  • Deep expertise in Spring projects such as Spring Framework, Spring Boot and Spring Security
  • Hands-on experience on developing microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS suite
  • Good understanding about Cloud Infrastructure such as AWS
  • Expertise in XML Transformation, XPATH, XSLT
  • Expertise in WebServices Standards and Specs (SOAP, XML, WS-Security)
  • Experience working with JMS, WMQ and Kafka
  • Familiarity with Agile Engineering Practices
  • Good understanding of Domain Driven Design
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